Health Charts and Calculators

 What follows is a collection of health charts, health calculators and tables that can be found on the health-stories website.

There are new calculators added for calories and exercise conversion for your use. Also included are relevant health lists, a heart disease risk calculator, how to calculate your resting heart rate average, and links to free printable  weight loss charts  and immunization schedules. (CDC bottom)

In addition to these free printable charts, BMI charts and a chart for the calories burned in 15 minutes (exercise and everyday activities) can also be found.

Links for a  balanced diet chart  for adults and one for the kids are also available.

-This list of health charts will increase as they become available. If there is a particular chart or table you would like to see added, please -  let us know .

The   Body Mass Index Calculator   below will give your Body Mass Index number automatically after you enter your information. (then X to clear)

-One of our Newest Health Charts, the  Growth Chart Calculator , will give your child's projected adult height upon entering their current age and size.


   Readable BMI Health Charts

 To view our standard  Body Mass Index Chart .

 For a sobering look at  Obesity Rates  in America.

 Body mass index chart -30 BMI and above (for  Adult obesity )

 Body mass index chart -30 BMI and above (for  Child obesity )

  Health Charts For a Balanced Healthy Diet

 Balanced Diet Chart  for Adults -The right foods promote good health.

- Balanced Diet Chart  for Kids (How Many Calories Do They Really Need?)

 Chart for the  Calories burned in 15 minutes

 Daily activities, and the calories burned while doing them for 15 minutes.

 Calories burned calculator  -Calories burned for 5 common exercises, at various distances and speeds. (run, walk, bike, swim and ski)

Calorie Calculator  -Over 35,000 foods and 250 restaurant food calories listed. (includes calories, sodium, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sugars, etc.)

 Recipe Calculator  -C calculate the nutritional values ​​of your own homemade recipes, simply add the ingredients and submit for the information.

Best Food Choice  - S ee just how much better ice as an orange jämfört To that candy bar You Really Want. (compares any 2 food item values)

 Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator  - and your average daily calorie need.

 - Basal Metabolic Rate Factors  - Factors affecting your Basal Metabolism. (BMR)

- Fat Gram Chart  (  for women ) -The calories needed to maintain a certain weight or what percentage of calories from fat you need to eat in order to lose weight.

 Fat Gram Chart  (  for men ) -Same chart, configured for the men.

- Fat Gram Vs. Calories  -How to figure percentage of calories from fat.

 Activity level  -and the calories per pound (of your desired weight) you will need to burn off, reach or maintain your ideal weight.

- 14 Great Ideas  for a Low Fat Diet.

  Tables, Lists and Calculators For Top Fitness

 Cooper Test Run Table  - Cooper test run: you run as far as you can, at a pace as steady as possible, for 12 minutes. How far could you go?

- Cooper Test Run Table # 2  - For seasoned, experienced runners.

 How many calories do you  burn off running ?

 Running Performance Predictor  Calculator where finish times and other stats are predicted.

- Steps to miles -  Converts the number of steps taken into miles, feet, meters, etc.

 18 Reasons  why you should exercise regularly.

- 5 Components  of fitness and what they mean for  your  fitness level.

 Flat Abs Tips  -12 Tips for getting flatter abdominals -with video.

- Fitness and Exercise Calculator  Check the Energy, Oxygen and Fat burn for different activities at various distances and times.

 General Health Charts and Calculators

 Symptoms of dehydration  - Are you dehydrated? What to look for.

-Health problems stemming from  chronic dehydration .

  Heart Disease Risk Calculator

 Fill in the form with blood pressure and cholesterol according to your last checkup, then click the submit button. -You'll see your 10-year risk of heart disease as well as your cumulative risk as you age. (then x to clear)


  About Your Resting Heart Rate Average

-Your resting heart rate is a very good indicator of your  cardiovascular endurance . The more fit you are, the  lower  your resting heart rate will be. If you keep track of your average resting heart rate, the number will drop the more fit you become, certainly a healthy goal.

 A typical resting heart rate is around 60 - 80 beats per minute, while highly trained athletes may have resting heart rates closer to 40 BPM.

Well-known cyclist Lance Armstrong had a resting heart rate of 32 BPM!

Your average resting heart rate should be 15 to 20 BPM slower than your normal heart rate.

If your average is over 100 BPM (tachycardia) or below 60 BPM (bradycardia), it is advisable to consult your doctor. (NOT you Lance!)


 Calculating Your Resting Heart Rate Average

 Knowing your resting heart rate is a good way to measure the progress of any fitness program you may be undertaking, and it's great for goal setting.

-Using your middle and index fingers, find your pulse at the side of your neck (or wrist), then count the number of heartbeats for 15 seconds. Multiply this number by 4 to get your - beats per minute . (15x4 = 60 seconds)

 It is important to measure your resting heart rate  before  you get out of bed in the morning, after waking up  naturally  (without an alarm, which will increase your heart rate) -or you can measure your heart rate upon resting for 5 minutes  after  rising. (longer rest if measured during the day)

 Continue to do this for 3 to 5 mornings  or more. The more days, the more accurate this test will be. (Need not be on  consecutive  days) The results are then added together and divided by the number of days.

-For example, if you measured your heart rate for 5 days and the results were: 75, 82, 77, 71, and 75 = 380. Then you divide  this by the number of days to get your average, 380/5 = 76 (BPM)  resting heart rate average .


  Printable Checklists - Immunization Schedules

 - Weight loss charts  and logs for men and women. (free)

 - Immunization Schedules  - Adult, childhood, adolescent and teen schedules. Vaccine recording and screening forms. (CDC)


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