The Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

  Everyone's looking for the quickest way to lose weight, especially when the hot weather starts kicking in, we certainly all want to show off our best beach bodies in our hot new beachwear and summer clothes this season.

-But whether it's for those hot summer days at the beach, or just fitting into your ski suit this winter, the fastest way to lose weight is often not the best way, but it is the healthiest way to lose weight.

 As soon as we realize that our ski suit or bikini no longer quite fits, we start looking for a fast and easy way to lose weight,  and  for the treadmill or exercise bike in the basement to do something about it, and  fast! 

 -What we all really need are some easy ways to lose weight, or at least some healthy, effective weight loss ideas, right?

 A recent study on the secrets of healthy weight loss suggests 3 must-do weight loss ideas for the quickest way to lose weight and to keep it off for good, by folks who have been very successful at doing just that.

quickest way to lose weight is not exercise alone

 -One of those weight loss ideas: Have some type of exercise machine in the home. (and this exercise equipment should also be located in a part of the home where it will actually be used, of course) We'll get to the other 2 weight loss ideas in just a bit.

 Unfortunately exercise, although definitely necessary for optimum health and fitness, usually does little to help the battle of the bulge without some serious help from our diet as well. (Depending on amount of weight loss desired)

 -Let's face it; (will-power notwithstanding), it's a lot easier not to eat that whopper with cheese and a side of fries, than it is to ride the exercise bike     ...for 3 hours to burn it off, wouldn't you agree?

 -For many people the quickest way to lose weight is the Tuna diet, also known as the 3-day, Hot dog or Cleveland clinic diet by some. It promises weight loss of up to 10 lbs in a week -3 days on, 4 days off each week. It does work for many, but mostly short-term; click here for a free copy and a few tips. (R click, save as... or L click to view in browser) Free Diet (PDF)

Is a Diet The Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

 What does "diet" really mean? Most people hear the term diet and they immediately think of "a restricted, prescribed selection of foods eaten for the sole purpose of losing weight", and more often than not the foods you must eat leave a lot to be desired. But a person's "diet" really means what types of foods that person eats, daily and on a regular basis.

-Therefore it stands to reason, if you change your "diet" (2nd definition) to include a healthy, well-balanced mixture from all the food groups, and are mindful to keep the portions reasonable, you'll never need to worry about having to go on a diet. (1st definition)

   -Now wouldn't that be nice?

 But if you find yourself on a diet time and again, trying to lose weight every time a wedding or other function comes up, chances are you need a new diet, and I don't mean a weight loss plan. You need to start making better choices about what you eat, and especially how much you eat.

-There are many diet pills and plans that promise to be easy ways to lose weight. Sure, the quickest way to lose weight is great; if you need to lose a few pounds for your high school reunion, but is that what you really want for the long-term?

   -What about next week, next year?

 What we all really need is not the quickest way to lose weight, but a way to eat in which we can maintain a healthy weight for the rest of our lives.

-So that when we hear the word "diet" it will never again mean anything more than just the types of foods that we eat from day to day.

 And it doesn't necessarily mean not to eat, which brings me to the 2nd most important of the weight loss ideas. You've probably heard it before, and that is to simply: Eat breakfast every day.

-Getting your metabolism going and burning energy as soon as possible every day really is the best place to start. 

   So, How Much Should You Weigh?

  To review, to achieve your healthiest waist size you must first learn to eat the proper foods, and in the right combination. And of course you must be aware (and limit) the size of the portions you eat as well.

-This will lead us to our healthiest weight.

 For the quickest way to lose weight to reach this weight for any given person, many factors apply:

  • What our weight is right now.
  • How much weight we need to lose to reach our ideal weight
  • The types of food (our "diet") that we eat regularly
  • Our current level of physical fitness
  • How physically active we are on a daily basis. (activity level)
  • What our basal metabolic rate is.
  • Our BMI number.

 All these factors and more contribute to how much we all should weigh and obviously they're not all in our control. Our activity level, what we eat as well as how much we eat however, is.

-Once you've answered the question: "How much should I weigh" and have determined how much weight you need to lose to reach your ideal weight, you can then develop a plan of action for your own personal "quickest way to lose weight." Which brings us to the 3rd of the weight loss ideas the study gave us, and that is: Weigh yourself each and every day.

Knowing You've Lost Weight (or gained) is Important Information.

-It makes you aware of any daily changes so that you can adjust your program accordingly, and it can be a great motivator to continue. It's also necessary in order to maintain a healthy weight once you've achieved it, and you will! (a positive attitude also goes a long way as well)

 This plan of action includes any form of exercise (preferably aerobic for quickest weight loss), that you feel comfortable enough with to continue on a daily basis, hopefully for the rest of your life.

-Download the free ebook on the right side of the page for a good start on this. (left click on some browsers to view without download) More free work-out ebooks can be found on this page if desired.

 The last and most important step is to implement a new healthy eating lifestyle into your plan of action that virtually eliminates any future weight gain, so all you need to do is maintain your healthy  new  weight.

 -Check out the links at the  Top  of the page for more helpful information.

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