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Stories, Articles and Your Submissions

Fat Gram Chart

The fat gram chart shows you the calories needed to maintain a certain weight at various fat gram levels. As a fat loss guide you find the daily fat gram allowance for you....

Continue reading "Fat Gram Chart"

The Top Ten Healthiest Foods


What are the healthiest foods you should be eating? If you're searching for the secret to heart healthy eating and building a healthier body, our top ten will definitely get you there.

Continue reading "The Top Ten Healthiest Foods"

Alzheimers Diagnosis

If you or a loved one is concerned about getting an Alzheimers diagnosis, it’s important for your doctor to rule everything else out. Alzheimers research continues, progress is being made every day...

Continue reading "Alzheimers Diagnosis"

How to Prevent Flu and its Symptoms

To Prevent Flu and its many symptoms, whether from the newest seasonal flu strain, Swine flu (H1N1), or even just the common cold, there are many natural flu preventatives.

Continue reading "How to Prevent Flu and its Symptoms"

Barefoot Running - Is it For You?

Running Barefoot? Zola Budd made barefoot running famous by breaking the women's 5000-meter world record in 1984 ...running barefoot. A few of the pros and cons.

Continue reading "Barefoot Running - Is it For You?"

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Consider the many health benefits of drinking water: a simple, inexpensive and effective way to lose weight, improve your overall health, and to help prevent symptoms of dehydration.

Continue reading "Health Benefits of Drinking Water"

Body Mass Index Formula

The Body Mass Index Chart is one way to utilize the BMI Formula to help you find your ideal weight. We've also included a few even simpler methods.

Continue reading "Body Mass Index Formula "

Calories Burned Chart

The Calories Burned Chart can help you reach your ideal weight easier. How many calories do you think you can burn off in 15 minutes?

Continue reading "Calories Burned Chart"

Self Help for Depression

What can you really do to help yourself in coping with depression? Self-help for Depression begins with 9 tips that can really help with mild depression signs or any depression diagnosis.

Continue reading "Self Help for Depression"

Breast Cancer Tumor - Awareness Quiz


One womans experience with a breast cancer tumor. If the early symptoms of breast cancer are present, a mammogram can help determine if a breast biopsy is necessary.

Continue reading "Breast Cancer Tumor - Awareness Quiz"

A Balanced Diet for Kids Is So Important


The balanced diet for kids chart is similar to the balanced diet chart for adults, and equally important for their good health. Do you know how many calories your children really need every day?

Continue reading "A Balanced Diet for Kids Is So Important"

Your Health Stories

Your health stories, written by visitors to the health-stories site. From a fear of needles, to the story of a stroke victim. Sharing the various trials and tribulations and stories of survival help..

Continue reading "Your Health Stories"

Typical Heart Attack Signs In Women


Knowing the common heart attack signs in women may just save the love of your life. The risk factors for heart attack provide all the information you need to keep your heart healthy.

Continue reading "Typical Heart Attack Signs In Women "

The Diabetes Warning Signs are not always obvious.


Diabetes Warning Signs at 18? Jessica's mom had diabetes type 2, but that didn't mean Jess could have it ....or did it?

Continue reading "The Diabetes Warning Signs are not always obvious."

Top 5 Running Health Benefits

Running benefits

Top on the list of running health benefits, daily running exercise increases your sex drive. Need I say more? Well, check out this Harvard study that said ...

Continue reading "Top 5 Running Health Benefits "

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