Balanced Diet Chart

-What's all the fuss about eating a balanced diet anyway?

The  balanced diet chart  below includes all the foods within the healthy eating guidelines of the new food pyramid. It can help you choose the right foods, but more importantly, the correct  amount  of those foods.

-Eating a balanced healthy diet means you really need to include a variety of foods from  all  the new food pyramid groups, and in moderation.

-A fair amount of fruits and especially vegetables is probably the best place to start, but keep in mind ...

- "Balance, in other words, moderation  and  mix in a good variety" 
( the spice of life )

 A good  mixture of different  fruits and vegetables, along with a  variety  of lean protein (especially fish), dairy products and don't forget the whole grains. They are all truly essential in giving your body all the vitamins and minerals as well as the protein requirements it really needs for good health.

The Balanced Diet Chart


 The  average  caloric allowance per day is 2000, but varies with body size, age,  body mass index , and your activity level. If you are not sure which column you should go by,  click here  to find out your activity level. 

Daily Servings 1200 Cal.Diet Daily Servings 1600 Cal. Diet Food Group Suggested serving -Any Combination- to equal daily Daily Servings 2000 Cal. Diet Daily Servings 2400 Cal. Diet
2 Cups 3 Cups Dairy 1 Cup Milk or yogurt -2 oz of
processed cheese = 1 cup
1-1/2 oz of natural cheese
(2 slices) = 1 cup
3 Cups 3 Cups
3 Oz. 5 Ounces Meat 1 oz of cooked lean Meat,Poultry, Fish, or 1oz equivalent of 1 Egg 1/4cup cooked dried beans or tofu 1-Tbsp Peanut butter
1/2 oz. seeds or nuts
5 1/2 Oz 6-1/2
Grains 1 cup of dry cereal, 1 slice of bread or 1 sm. muffin all = 1
serv.-1/2 cup cooked cereal
rice or pasta = 1 serving
2 Serv 3 Serv Fruits 1 Medium size fruit, 1/2 cup chopped, berries or canned, 3/4 cup juice All=1 Serv 4 Serv 5 Serv
1 -1/2 Cups 2 Cups Veggies 2 Cups of Leaf greens = 1 Cup of Regular vegetables or 3/4 cup juice=1 cup veggies 2 -1/2 Cups 3 Cups
17 gms
22 gms
Oils Low-fat margarine, mayo, light salad dressing, olive, canola, safflower oil 27 gms
31 gms
Daily Servings 1200 Cal. Diet Daily Servings 1600 Cal. Diet Food Group Suggested serving -Any Combination- to equal daily Daily Servings 2000 Cal. Diet Daily Servings 2400 Cal. Diet

 Two Top 10 Healthiest foods                    Balanced Diet for Kids Chart

 Balanced Diet Chart Tips

 For  your  healthy living plans.

 -1.  The balanced diet chart can really help a lot, but everything starts with exercise. Daily  exercise  is needed to maintain strong bones, and can go a long way in keeping the calories and weight at desirable levels.

 -2.  Focus on  * vegetables and fruits,  more so if you're on a low-fat diet, and weight loss is your goal. They are the healthiest and naturally higher in fiber, and lower in calories and fat.

* The Suggested serving is just att,  Suggested , if you need to go above and beyond the Suggested serving of alanyl group in the balanced diet chart, disse are definitely the ones vælge. -In fact, it would be encouraged!

 -3.  Add  lean  meat, poultry and especially  fish  (not farm raised, wild caught is best by far) Avoid frying -bake, broil and grill, it's easier, less of a mess and a whole lot better for you.

 -4.  Cut back  on the red meat as much as possible. Stay away  from processed foods, salty snacks and foods, as well as sugary drinks. Even diet drinks, although lower in calories, have been shown to stimulate appetite and increase the impulse to eat more.

 -5.  Water,  drink plenty of it, as well as fruit and vegetable juices. They keep the body hydrated and help flush out toxins as well. Try a glass before every meal, it'll help fill you up and you'll eat a little less.

 More on the health benefits of water

 -6. Eat whole grains,  together with high fiber veggies and fruits, they have the bonus of being really filling, and they slow the digestion, keeping you full longer.

 -7. Oils,  When you eat oils and fat, keep the  saturated fat below 10%  of your daily amount, with little or no trans fat (hydrogenated) if possible. Use healthier oils like virgin olive oil and canola oil.

 -8.  Keep the  cholesterol below 300  mg / day.

 -9.  Don't forget the  dairy products;  They provide calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth, and vitamin D, which helps in its absorption.

 -10.  Stay away from  refined sugars;  Sugary foods of all types are high in calories and further stimulate appetite - a balanced diet chart no-no.
We all need a sweet treat from time to time, just try to  limit them.

 -11.  As a last resort, take a multivitamin to supplement if you are missing something not found in the food you eat, but the  real thing is the best.

 -12.  Once again - balance, moderation and a good variety.  With an eye on the balanced diet chart, if you concentrate on these 3 things, with the stress on moderation, you'll do just fine, and stay fit and trim too!

 -13.  It's worth repeating, doing yourself a favor and eating  whole grain  breads. The wheat germ and bran found in whole grains are known to:

  • Protect against heart disease and stroke
  • Guard against colon cancer
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Prevent constipation
  • Improve your digestion
  • The high fiber slows digestion and helps keep you feeling full.

-Why whole grain, and why is white bread so bad?

It's not bad really; it's just not very good. Most of the wheat germ, bran and nutrients have been bleached out of white bread.

Most of the fiber is lost as well, and with this lack of fiber, the body stores more of these calories, as fat. - Not a great choice for those of us on a low-fat diet, or anyone else for that matter.

-In fact 98% of magnesium, 80% of thiamin and iron, as well as over 50% of 10 other nutrients and antioxidants are lost through this process. It's basically empty calories with little or no value, so why eat it? (yes, that's right, whole grains still got em')

  We have more food here in the United States than any other country.

 Still we see poor nutrition, while nutrition related illnesses such as heart disease; cancer and diabetes are among the highest, not to mention the soaring obesity rates in America.

-It's time to take the balanced diet chart, and its healthy eating guidelines much more seriously ...for the healthy balanced  diet, we all need! 

  From Wikipedia: The importance of human nutrition


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