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-Are you looking for information and supportive health stories and articles committed to your mental and physical fitness? Our goal is to provide you with a reliable source (written in plain english) for a variety of conditions and illnesses, as well as to help you to achieve optimum fitness and well-being.

For Optimal Health Related Fitness

Using charts and tables, with information on running and related fitness ideas, along with some savvy tips for a balanced diet. Our ultimate objective is to inform, and to help people get, and to stay in tip-top condition.

chirunning on the beach barbara before her heart attack she didn't know her BMI jess-happy even after her prediabetes diagnosis treadmill running is great indoor exercise running the cooper test on the beach

All too often we take our health, and that of our loved ones, for granted.

Through diet tips, exercise, positive thinking, and in some cases, even learning from other people’s experiences, all these can be very helpful in getting, and keeping you where you want to be ...healthy, wealthy and wise.

obesity results in a heart attack on the field good times before her breast cancer diagnosis mom before her alzheimers diagnosis running the beach is great for losing weight the calories burned chart helped Amy reach her ideal weight

 A balanced diet is very rarely the top priority we all know that it should be, and as a result eating disorders, especially among teens and young adults, are a lot more commonplace today than they've ever been before.

-We all want to be physically fit, or at least to look that way. The fact that we may have to watch what we eat and exercise to achieve good health and fitness, and to stay slim, well that can sometimes elude us.

The resulting stories may be of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, a bout with depression, or if we're really lucky, just a big butt (and maybe how to lose it)


Health Stories happen to all of us every single day:

They may be as simple as a common cold, as scary as a loved one suffering a heart attack, or even that period of depression that many of us must face during our lives.

So whether you're looking for informative stories on health or related fitness info about eating and staying healthy, take a look around, we think you’ll like what you find...

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