Running to Lose Weight

 Exercise is so important, and if running to  lose weight  is what motivates you to exercise, you've definitely picked one of the best forms.

-Running may just be the perfect exercise for optimal health.

And as far as exercise programs for weight loss go, with the exception of stair climbing and jumping rope, running may just be the quickest way to lose weight.

-There's little that can beat it for fitness and  fast  weight loss.

If you are planning to start running for weight loss and fitness, there are a few running tips you should consider:

  -Losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face.

 It quite often involves making substantial dietary and lifestyle changes, and starting a regular exercise routine is an absolute must!

-The good news is that running to lose weight will definitely speed up any weight loss plans you may have. 

Out of all the many different forms of exercise you could choose, running exercise is one of the top calorie burners there is!

  The Running health benefits are many. Running can be great for  the heart and respiratory system as well. But it  can  be tough on the body at the  start  of a running exercise program, and your body will definitely need some time to get used to it.

 But before you start any  physical fitness  or running program, make sure you get the okay from the doc,  really  - he can make sure you're healthy enough, and can help you pick a good starting distance too. 

   How Many Calories Are Burned Running?

  There are many variables as to how many calories running to lose weight will burn, and of course it varies from person to person.

- How fast  you run on  average  during your run.

- The distance  covered each time you run.

- Your current weight:  the heavier you are the more calories burned running. ( and  more prone you'll be an injury, so the more careful you'll need to be)

-How often you run: naturally the more often you run, the better your fitness level, and the more substantial your eventual weight loss will be.

To determine how many calories burned running per mile: 
Simply multiply your current weight in pounds, by .7 -For example: if you weigh120 pounds: 120 x .7 = 84 calories burned running per mile run.

 There are other factors to consider, such as your speed, as well as your BMR (basal metabolic rate) but this formula gives you a close estimate that you can go by.

See Chart for Calories burned  The Fat Burning Kitchen (ad) 

  Running to lose weight: getting started

 Regardless of your age, if you're new to running here are a few more running tips for you to keep in mind:

-At the beginning, keep your run  distances short . Quite often people who are running to lose weight can be a little too anxious to drop the pounds.

If you start off running too far, or too long, you could easily pull a muscle you have been using for a while, putting you on the sidelines and  gaining weight  instead.

-Also, if you start off with short runs, you're  much  more likely to keep it up.

Losing weight while running can be a great way to burn calories, but it can be hard on the body, especially all at once, and  building up  gradually  to longer distances -will keep you from getting discouraged.

    You'll get there; take your time, it will pay off in the long run. 

     What's the best distance to run?

-There's no perfect distance to start with, everyone is different. Wait a minute, actually there is; the perfect distance to run, is the distance that
you will run on a regular basis.

If a quarter mile is all you can handle to start, that's fine; again the worst thing you can do is to try to do more than you're capable of.

-Many people begin with a mile, or work up to at least a mile. Most doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise every day to get the needed benefits. It should take you 10 - 15 minutes to run/walk/jog a mile, so an eventual goal of 2 or 3 miles is healthy distance to shoot for.

Those who have done little or no running exercise often begin with the start and stop method.

-A much better method is the run-walk method, you run a short burst
(1 to 2 minutes), and then walk (4 or 5 minutes) till you are comfortable, then run again and so on.

As you get stronger physically, building up your lungs and legs, the times will flip-flop till you run more than walk, and eventually run or jog the entire distance.

-You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly this happens!

In no time at all you'll be running 2 or 3 miles easily, dropping the pounds, feeling fine and looking like the old you, or more accurately
....the new you.

    Get a good pair of running shoes

 If you are a little overweight and running to lose weight, the shoes / sneakers you wear are extremely important. The  first thing  you notice when you start running will  be  your feet, even more so if they are uncomfortable or hurt you.

-Once that happens, guess what? - You'll probably quit, at least for a while.

Good running shoes  will place your foot in the best possible position and provide the cushioning your feet and joints need to continue on.

       Motivation For Running 

-For many, the  love  of running makes running to  lose weight  unnecessary.

 For others it can be a real chore, just another task that has to be done. For these folks, it helps to use any kind of motivational aid possible to get the ball rolling until: they too fall in love with running.

Running to lose weight can be highly motivational in itself, when you start to see the  pounds melt away , but to keep it off, and to stay motivated you may need more:

-Get yourself a good  heart rate monitor  and a  jogging pedometer  or  stopwatch . A heart rate monitor will help you stay within your target range, for optimal health and maximum weight loss.

An accurate jogging-walking  pedometer  will enable you to keep track of how far you go, how much time you run and walk, and the calories burned running or walking. Hey, 4,225 steps = 2 miles, so walking works fine too!

-See how many miles you've walked today; just enter your step total from your pedometer and click the submit button. (click x to clear)

 It makes it a lot more interesting and fun, and it helps you set goals too.

-Figure out  your  best time to run and set-up your runs accordingly. Some runners are morning people others much prefer early evening.

Studies show that people who run in the morning are more inclined to stick with it longer. But if getting up early just isn't your cup of tea, you likely won't perform as well as you would later on in the day.

    -Run when you're most comfortable and at your best.

     A few ideas to get you off your butt and running

-Do you enjoy listening to music? Bring along the Ipod or Walkman at the beginning, it’ll make it more enjoyable until you’re hooked.

But please, leave the headphones at home, or one ear only, the inherent dangers (cars, animals, other people etc.) that exist, really does dictate your being able to hear what’s going on around you, or you could try running on a treadmill, who cares if it's raining?

Try soaking in what’s all around -you’ll truly enjoy your run. This is the basic idea of Chirunning, another running option well worth considering.

-How about running with friends? Running to lose weight is a common goal, and many people are more likely to stick with it when it becomes a social event.

-Are you competitive? If you're the competitive type, sign up for a race or two and then get together with friends and train for it.

-If you love nature, run on nature trails, scenic areas and parks.

-I think you're beginning to see why running is so very popular.

-Goals can be great motivators. It's important to start small, and keep the goal achievable. There's nothing better than shooting for a goal, and making it, to help keep you on track and motivated.

For example: if you're just starting out and you're using the run-walk method, your ultimate goal might be: to be able to run the entire three-mile distance within three months.
If you're running to lose weight, it may be: until I lose 10 pounds.

-Keep track of your progress with a daily fitness journal. One key to success in running to lose weight, is to keep track of your progress.

It'll help you to see your strengths and weaknesses, and give you a better idea of where you need to focus your future training efforts.

-This also helps with motivation and maximizes your workouts.

- Stay safe . Run with at least 1 other person, a group of runners is even better if possible, especially if you're a woman.

 Then plan your route and stick to it. If you are running alone, tell others your route and what time you will be back.

-Carrying a  cell phone  is a must and  pepper spray  is a smart idea too.

Depending on the area that you do your running, wild animals, as well as other "unwanted visitors" could also be a possibility.

-It's always best to be prepared.

Running to lose weight can be a bit challenging at first.

-If you prepare yourself with a little knowledge and some good basic equipment, it can be a  lot easier  than you might think 

.... and a lot of fun too!


   Quote for today ...

 "My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.
 She's ninety-three today and we don't know where the hell she is" 
  ~ Ellen DeGeneres

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