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Journals and Planners Currently Available

  Free Health and Fitness Journals

 One of the best ways to get  and stay  in tip-top shape health-wise, as well as having a fit and trim physique, quite simply is to keep track of it!

Some think it's a lot of work, keeping track of your calories eats, fitness goals, etc. But how else do you  really know  if you're getting anywhere?

 To reach your health and fitness goals, keeping a journal of any kind, even if it’s just written on the calendar - can really be self-motivating.

You find that you compete with yourself; you run that extra mile or lose an extra pound or two when you see how well you’ve done in the past. 


  Free Health and Fitness Journals Pack Includes:

 An Exercise Log and Exercise Goals, Food Journal, Weekly Calorie Tracker, a Health Journal, Health Insurance Manager, Medication Tracker, Physician Visit Planner/Record, Medical Bill Managers and a Breast Health Journal.

Print them up and use them to help reach your health goals, or to just keep track of things. Use cardstock, for a more durable record.


  Online Fitness Trackers

 Another method of tracking your diet and fitness goals, is to use an online fitness tracker, and there are many to choose from.

Free fitness tracker demo's

They are inexpensive, many are even free, and can be used along with your written journal for added benefit if desired.

We've put together a  FREE demo pack  of 4 popular fitness tracking websites for you, to show you how they operate, the costs if any, and how to use their tools.

These are  how-to's , just to introduce you to the tools of the 4 sites, to see if they might be right for you without having to sign up.                              (no sales pitches, we promise)


Halloween planners

  Free Holiday Planners

 And to help you keep your life healthy and stress- free during any holiday season, these planners for the holidays are sure to keep you and your family well-organized and happy.

 Free Halloween Planners –11 pages for Halloween, including party and costume planners, activity planners and more. 

Thanksgiving Day planners

 Thanksgiving Day Planners
–16 pages to help you plan this very special occasion for your family and friends.

Planners are included for meals and menu, shopping and to-do lists, and colorful recipe cards to mention a few.

Christmas planners

  Christmas Planners
 –It’s always a good idea to be prepared for Christmas, there’s always so much to plan for and do!

35 pages of helpful planners and lists to help get you prepared for Christmas. Includes gift idea lists, meal and menu planner, Xmas card lists, Christmas party planner, holiday calendar and more.

All can be edited, and updated for future holidays as well.

Valentines Day planners

  Valentines Day Planners

 Requested by our readers and added last year   -6 pages of heart bordered checklists for planning your loved ones special day.

Includes checklists for gifts and activities, meals and more.

Easter Bunny is worried without Easter planners

  Easter - Mothers and Fathers Day Planners

 Easter planners include 13 pages with colorful borders and designs, covering subjects such as; meal and menu planners, journal and lists for party ideas, baskets, shopping and more.

Mothers and Fathers Day planners include 11 pages with lists for gift ideas, crafts, cards and other ideas for their special day.

All 92 planners are fully customizable with colorful holiday borders and designs, ready for printing, now also included free with your ezine sign-up and health and fitness planners. (with more to come) 

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