Your Health Stories

  Your  health stories recounts stories of the various trials and tribulations of health that we all face at some point in time during our lives, more specifically the stories submitted by  you, our readers. 

-We've all got a health story to tell. Unfortunately, all of us know someone who is dealing with health problems of some kind, maybe even ourselves or members of our families.

 Like the story of my own mom in the  Alzheimer's story.  When the family would take her out to eat, ( as her memory faded ) she'd try to save the cream from her coffee, in a  pill bottle  to take home, she kept us laughing. (she saved vanilla wafers in her change purse) 

.... and that laughter was the  best medicine  we could ever find.


-People find many different ways of coping with their health problems.

 They can often be quite funny, and they are  always  very beneficial to others with similar problems to hear, it can really help to know someone has walked in your shoes.

-Take a look at some of the stories left by previous visitors  below , and leave  your own story  if you have a few minutes to spare.


-Do you have a Health Story that you think
may be of help, or uplifting to someone ?

Please, share your story !

-Just as we hope many of our stories on these pages will help, oftentimes just sharing your own story can help many, and motivate still others.

Sometimes it can even be downright inspirational to those reading them!
...and it always makes you feel better too!

See what others have written.

(ex. "How I dealt with my Depression")

Your Health Stories

-Click on the links below to read the health stories other visitors to this page have written and were kind enough to pass along ....

My experience living with Fabry disease 
Hello, my name is Sandra. Twelve years ago an optometrist noticed a hazy, swirling appearance in my grandmother’s eye during a routine checkup. …

One "incredible" heart attack leads to FH diagnosis 
I was out for dinner with friends one day when I unexpectedly began to feel faint. I became hot and started sweating profusely and my chest swelled with …

Having an Ostomy 
I have an ostomy. That means I wear a bag on my abdomen. In my case it collects feces, as I no longer have a rectum. There are 1.2 million ostomates …

I'll always get the flu vaccine! 
-I've watched your video, as well as read other info, both pro and con about whether or not to get the flu vaccine. Here's my 2 cents. When …

From "last picked in gym class" to daily runner 
-I was overweight as a child, and as a result I hated any form of physical activity. Sports were no fun to someone who couldn't keep up with everyone …

Discovering my Hypoparathyroidism: Living with a Rare Disease Not rated yet
When I was 32 years old in 2004, I had my future mapped out and was on the right track to achieve my goals. I was a mom of three young children, happily …

Natural Ways to Combat Flu Not rated yet
Colds and flu are something that commonly affect a lot of people periodically. Nevertheless, no matter how many times it strikes within a year, we never …

Understanding Expressions of Love from a Stroke Victim Not rated yet
-My dad suffered many strokes (some small, some not so small), and after each one he would work mightily to get back the function of his limbs, and …

Exercise Alleviated My Depression Not rated yet
-When I was 14, my mother divorced for the second time. The depression I got from this lasted 4 years! My father never even visited me. At first, …

PMS, Is it really like this for everyone? Not rated yet
-When someone hears you have PMS, they think it’s really funny, a big joke. Jokes are made about it; its acronym is in songs. However, there is nothing …

A Fishy Doctor's Visit Not rated yet
-One of the most memorable health incidents I have ever experienced involved a fish bone and a quick-thinking doctor. I was visiting a friend in …

Broken Arm  Not rated yet
-When I was 7 years old my mom and I went to the park so she could meet up with her new boyfriend. I always thought the park was fun so I had no issue …

My brother with Downs Syndrome is the happiest person I've met Not rated yet
-Some people think that being smart and funny are the most important things about life, but I believe being happy is. I was so worried when my younger …

20 pounds from my thyroid? Not rated yet
-After I started my first real job, I gained about 20 pounds. I figured it was just the fact that I was sitting at a desk all day and resolved to get …

Diabetes - from oral to injection, fear of fear Not rated yet
-It has been said that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. In my case this was essentially true: The fear of going from oral diabetes treatment …

The Stomach Flu Brings Sisters Closer Together Not rated yet
My sister and I are five and a half years apart in age with me being the older one. As you can imagine, we didn't have a lot in common while we …

'How i dealt with acidity problem' Not rated yet
-My name is Varinder singh, and I am from India and I was suffering from acute acidity since the past two years. I consulted a doctor and he told …

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