Calories Burned Chart

According to my best friend Amy, the Calories Burned Chart is the next step after checking out your BMI chart number.

 She looks me straight in the eye, and with that sweet little smile of hers, she tells me I need to "lose the caboose". She's right of course, and it worked for her so ... what've I got to lose? (I know -the caboose!)

 -She says that after estimating your ideal weight using the bmi chart , the calories burned chart is a real no-brainer for me . (Should you eat?)

Instead of just relying on online calorie counters and your food intake, be pro-active with your daily calorie burning activities.

-It can help you to estimate how much you're burning off daily in your everyday activities, as well as the calorie burn-off when you're working out, and in various sporting activities that you participate in.

-Amy says to think in terms of 15-minute intervals instead of calories per hour, it's a much more realistic approach, and a lot more do-able this way.

It can help eliminate the all too common "I'm too busy" excuse.

 If you try to think of your everyday activities as your workout, you'll have plenty of time for them and you can focus more on it, burn-off a little more energy .... and a few more calories as well.

-If you're raking the front yard, do the back as well, it all adds up!

-When you're going shopping, park a little further away than you normally would and get a brisk 10 minute walk in.

-Amy parks about 15 minutes away, and across the street when grocery shopping, no wonder the little jerk looks so great. (just kidding Amy)

Seriously though, a few minutes here and there, next thing you know, you start looking like Amy.

(and that's a good thing believe me, and healthy -don't get me started!)

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-You have a rough idea of what your ideal weight should be from the BMI chart, now you need to know how to reach or maintain it.

If you forgot, here's the BMI Chart again.

-First you'll need to determine your activity level, try to be as accurate as you can, it really helps.

-It's simple really, the more active you are, the more calories per pound your body will need, and the more calories your body will burn off.

-Here's how many calories per pound (of your desired weight) you'll need to burn off, in order to reach or maintain your ideal weight.

-Activity Level

-20 Calories per pound -If you are an extremely active individual.

-17 per pound -For very active people.

-15 per pound -If you are only moderately active, and

-13 per pound -For those of us who are not very active.

-Just multiply the calories per pound (from your activity level, above) by your desired ideal weight. (With a little help from the bmi chart)

-So, as an example, if you're a moderately active person, and you figured out your ideal weight would be, say 140 pounds, then 140 pounds x 15 calories per pound = 2,100 calories per day, -to maintain that weight. (140 lbs)

-To lose weight to achieve 140 pounds, you would have to consume less than 2,100 per day.

-The more calories, fewer than 2,100 you consume, the faster you would achieve that ideal weight.

-You can see what a big difference your activity level can make, by stepping up to the very active level, you would burn off another 280 a day! (2 extra calories per pound x 140 = 280)

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Calories Burned Chart

-- 15 Minutes -- Calories Burned Calories Burned
of this Activity -- - for 130 lb Person - - for 180 lb Person -
- Aerobics - 88 125
- Archery - 70 97
- Badminton - 66 92
-Bicycling - 103 140
- Billiards - 35 50
- Bowling - 55 75
-Calisthenics- 68 95
- Canoeing - 90 130
-Cleaning (house)- 52 75
-Construction (remodeling) 85 115
- Dancing - 60 80
-Fishing (standing)- 52 75
- Gardening - 70 102
- Golf - 60 84
- Golf (mini) - 40 61
- Hiking - 90 125
- Hockey - 140 185
-Ice (or roller) Skating 88 122
- Jogging - 105 150
- Karate - 160 225
Mountain Climbing 135 185
- Mow Lawn - 85 115
- Ping Pong - 62 84
-- 15 Minutes -- Calories Burned Calories Burned
of this Activity -- - for 130 lb Person - - for 180 lb Person -
- Play Cards - 25 35
- Painting - 68 90
-Raking Leaves- 58 87
- Rope Jumping - 150 210
-Running (12 min mile)- 120 165
-Running (8 min mile)- 185 265
- Sex (active partner) 80 120
Ski-cross-country/machine 135 195
-Ski (snow or water)- 90 130
- Sledding - 102 140
-Sleeping - 12 14
- Shovel Snow - 86 125
-Snow Shoeing - 118 165
- Soccer - 90 125
- Spinning (slow) - 115 200
- Spinning (fast) - 160 280
-Stepper/Treadmill - 95 130
-Sweeping (driveway)- 60 82
- Swim Laps (freestyle)- 125 165
- Tennis - 90 125
-Tossing a Ball- 40 50
- Walking (slow) - 47 64
-Walking (fast) - 90 120
- Walking down stairs - 65 105
- Walking up stairs - 135 165
- Weightlifting - 105 151
- Yoga - 61 81
-- 15 Minutes -- Calories Burned Calories Burned
of this Activity -- - for 130 lb Person - - for 180 lb Person -

Clearly, these values ​​can vary with your intensity level and other variables, but the calories burned chart can give you a very good idea of ​​just how much you can burn-off in your day, with little thought.

-All you need to do is think about it, and plan on burning extra calories.

I think we all realize the true importance of physical fitness plans .

-Start off slow, pick 1 or 2 activities from the calories burned chart above and go from there, your ideal weight .... is right around the corner!

It doesn't hurt to have healthy eating plans as well. -Anything you can do to help yourself reach your goal, and if you happen to get healthier at the same time, because that's just gravy.

-Shh ... you're making me hungry!

 For calories burned chart for 1 hour of exercise (to NutriStrategy) 


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   How About Calories Burned for Different Speeds and Distances? - Try out the calorie calculator below for running, walking, biking, swimming or x-country skiing, just adjust the settings, then click submit. (x to clear)

-Rather concentrate more on fat grams than calories? The fat gram chart can be a useful fat loss guide, and using complementary programs and ideas together can be the fastest way to lose weight for many folks.

-The balanced diet chart can help you with all the right ingredients to help keep you healthy during any weight loss or fitness program.

 Many have had success using the fat burning kitchen  program written by the "nutrition watchdog" Mike Geary. ( truth about abs fame )

-As always, check with your doctor before making any radical changes to your exercise routine.

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When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won't dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because that Raid really doesn't taste that bad. ~Janette Barber


Seriously, if you can burn off 500 more calories than you take each day, you can lose one pound each week. That may not sound like much to you, but that's 52 pounds a year! Now if you started a year ago ...


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Amy's ideas work great for a lot of people, and we think the calories burned chart is a smart idea, but the more tricks you have up your sleeve, the more likely you are to succeed!

Sometimes an idea that doesn't work for one, will work great for others, so the more tools in your arsenal, the better your odds!

Help us all (and especially me) to look like Amy.

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