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Providing links to printable weight loss charts, Health Charts also includes; Body Mass Index chart, a Blood Pressure calculator, Balanced Diet Chart, Calories Burned Chart and calculator...

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Alzheimers Warning Signs - When the family would take her out to eat, (as her memory faded) she'd try to save the extra cream from her coffee, -in a pill bottle to take home with her.

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-The 7 Stages of Alzheimers

-Alzheimers Diagnosis

-Dealing with Alzheimers, and a Few Caregiver Tips 

  Eating Disorders: 

Anorexia Nervosa -A woman shares the story of her friends struggle with the eating disorder.

 -Related articles:

-Bulimia Signs
Bulimia signs or more accurately, bulimia nervosa signs, are quite similar to anorexia nervosa symptoms, although there are many differences between anorexia and bulimia.

-Dangers in Bulimia are real....
The dangers in bulimia complications ... The 5 most likely side effects of bulimia can cause death. One womans road to bulimia recovery.

-Compulsive Eating Disorder Many of the most common signs of compulsive eating disorder are also the most obvious, though over 75% of compulsive eaters are also found to have an emotional component as well.

-Overcome Compulsive Eating
How to stop binge eating and overcome compulsive eating disorder. Stop dieting; one of the causes of compulsive eating disorder is believed to stem from unhealthy eating habits learned in childhood. 


Characteristics for Autism - Josh and his parents deal with his Autism.

 -Related article:

-A Child with Aspergers Syndrome, and One Way to Help.
As a parent of a 9-year-old child with Aspergers Syndrome, I can share in the wonder, joy, amazement, and often the frustration of watching my son develop, and the challenges he faces ... 

Tourettes Syndrome - Danny was a typically happy, and very active and bright little 9-year-old boy who loved Spiderman, big trucks and lizards. 

Breast Cancer - One woman's experience with a breast cancer tumor.

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- Does your weight affect your breast cancer risk?

- What can you do to help fight breast cancer? 

  Depression Story/Articles

The Warning Signs of Depression -The warning signs were there in Angie, if I only took the time to notice.

 -Related articles/stories:

-Can you really self-help for depression?

-Running Against Depression

-Dysthymic disorder (chronic depression)

-Signs of Clinical depression

-Types of Psychotherapy

-Depression or Eating Disorder - Which Came First? 

  Bipolar/Manic Depression

What is Manic Depression? -Also known as Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depressive disorder, the signs of Manic Depression have episodes of varying intensity, of both depression and mania symptoms. 

-Diagnosing Manic Depression 

-Symptoms of Manic Depression 


Diabetes warning signs - Could Jessica really have diabetes at 18? How Jessica and her mom dealt with Diabetes. 

Heart Attack Signs - Barbara lay on the bed, white as a ghost. Her eyes were wide with fear. "Something's wrong," she croaked. 

The Dangers of Obesity - Food was often used as a treat for Frankie, as a reward for being a "good little boy"; so every little bite became something much more than fuel for little Frankie's body.

 -Related articles:

-Obesity rates in America - Colorado stands alone with less than 20 % of their populace being obese.

-Adolescent Obesity - Childhood and adolescent obesity has become what most would agree to be of epidemic proportions ... 

-Obesity in Children Can Be Beaten by Taking 3 Simple Steps.
Obesity in children can be beaten if steps are taken. Three simple changes can make a world of difference in a child's life, and consistency is key. 


Parkinsons Symptoms - What is Parkinsons? -I don't know how we could have missed his stooped over posture, an ex-marine, dad always prided himself on his perfect posture, and was forever telling us all to ...stand tall!

 -Related articles:

-Diagnosing Parkinsons and The Stages of Parkinsons
-In Diagnosing Parkinsons, the most common presentation is a Tremor Symptom occurring on one side, while ...

-Parkinsons Treatments, directed to specific Parkinsons Symptoms.. -Of all the Parkinsons treatments, research has shown that regular exercise can have a significant benefit for Parkinsons symptoms, in some cases regular exercise may slow or even stop the progression. 


Healthy Eating Plans -When it comes right down to it, healthy eating plans are just plain inconvenient. Who needs more green, more energy, and better-looking mirrors?

 -Related articles:

-Balanced Diet Chart - What's all the fuss about this balanced diet chart? Can it help with a low-fat diet, and what's the deal with white bread....

-Vegetarian Weight Loss - Any kind of weight loss is generally considered a good thing, but it's even more beneficial for vegetarians.

-Vegetable Juicing Vs Blending - A common question which really has no wrong answer, either one is a definite step in the right direction.

-The Importance of a Balanced Healthy Diet - A balanced healthy diet is so important these days to help keep children and adults alike at their happy and healthy best.

-The Top Ten Healthiest Foods - What are the healthiest foods you should be eating? If you're searching for the secret to building a healthier body, the top ten healthiest foods will definitely...

-Health Benefits of Drinking Water
Consider the many health benefits of drinking water: a simple, inexpensive and effective way to lose weight, improve your overall health, and to help prevent symptoms of dehydration.

-14 Low fat diet ideas - One of the best ways to manage or lose weight is to incorporate these 14 low fat diet ideas into your...

-Fat Gram Chart - The fat gram chart shows you the calories needed to maintain a certain weight at various fat gram levels.

-Positive Self Affirmations - Using Positive Thinking Statements helps you to reap the benefits of eating healthy ...or to reach any desired goal!

-Balanced Diet for Kids Chart - The balanced diet for kids chart is similar to the balanced diet chart for adults, how many calories do children really need every day?


-Insomnia Treatments - Insomnia treatments depend on the type of insomnia you're suffering with, and its severity.

-Insomnia Tips - Sleep is essential for our survival, that's why these insomnia tips are so important if you have the problem.

-Insomnia Causes - Chronic Insomnia describes the duration of the symptoms, whereas Secondary or Primary Insomnia describe the cause.

-Restless Leg Syndrome - Symptoms, causes and treatment for RLS.


-What is Swine Flu? - Referred to as the Swine Flu, in the spring of 2009 this new strain of influenza type A was discovered...

-Swine Flu Vaccine - What is the Swine Flu Vaccine and is it safe?

-How to Prevent Flu - To Prevent Flu and its many symptoms, whether the symptoms are from the newest seasonal flu strain, Swine flu (H1N1), or just the common cold, for natural flu prevention there are many...


 The Importance of Physical Fitness Plans 
-Our family was like most, the importance of physical fitness just wasn't apparent to us. Not because we're lazy, in fact quite the opposite...

 -Related articles/stories:

-The Many Benefits of Exercise

-The 5 Components of Physical Fitness

-Flat Abs Tips These 12 tips and exercise video will get you started in the right direction for firm flat abs, or at least a trimmer waistline...

-To Reduce Belly Fat when Running for Weight Loss. - Many people struggle to reduce belly fat. Running for Weight Loss can help, I couldn't take off my shirt in front of others for fear of being picked on.

-Calorie Burning Exercises
These calorie burning exercises are considered by many to be the best ways to lose weight and get fit quickly. Watch the video for a simple explanation of strength and interval training. 

  Running Pages

-Top 5 Running Health Benefits 
-Top on the list of running health benefits, running increases your sex drive. Need I say more? Well, check this out...

-The Cooper Test Run
The Cooper Test Table evaluates your fitness level after the 12 minute Cooper Test Run. Cardiovascular endurance is the most important component of physical fitness, how's yours?

Cooper Test Run - Results Page
Results from visitors who have run it.

-Why Running Exercise Is the Perfect Health Exercise - Most people start running exercise just to lose a few extra pounds, or to maintain that ideal body weight, but running ...

-Starting Treadmill Running Programs -Treadmill running programs, especially when used as a beginners running program, are really a great way to get started in running, whether it's for weight loss or ....

-Running to Lose Weight -If you’re planning to start running to lose weight, there’s little that can beat running exercise for fast weight loss, and the running health benefits aren't bad either. A few running tips .....

-Running Against Depression - While running against depression may not cure a chemical imbalance, it can certainly help in reducing the severity, as well as ....

-What is Chirunning, Chi walking? 
-Chirunning, Chi Running or Tai Chi running, from the Chinese system of slow, meditative physical exercise it originates, not only makes running easier, but also results in less pain and....

-Are good running shoes cheap running shoes? - Buying good running shoes is the first step for beginner runners and veteran runners alike. Knowing your foot type and if you overpronate helps....

-Choosing athletic shoes - Whether it's running, tennis, basketball or soccer, choosing athletic shoes of the right type, for the right reasons can make a huge difference, they don't have to be flashy, or expensive.

-Barefoot Running - Is it For You? - Barefoot Running? Zola Budd made barefoot running famous by breaking the women's 5000-meter world record in 1984 ...running barefoot.

  Fitness and Health

Body Mass Index Formula - Amy and her best friend Jen, talk about the Body Mass Index Chart and how it can help keep you healthy.

The Calories Burned Chart - Jen and Amy discuss how the BMI Chart and the calories burned chart can work together to help you lose weight.

Calorie burning tips - Left by visitors to calories burned chart page.

-Caloric Content Of Foods Using the calorie calculator you'll find the caloric content, nutritional information, fat and sodium in foods, all can be found for over 35,000 foods and 250 restaurants.

-Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate How we calculate basal metabolic rate is not so important as what we do with the results. Knowing about your BMR can go a long way in reaching weight loss goals and staying fit.

Quickest Way to Lose Weight? A study on the secrets of healthy weight loss suggests 3 must-do weight loss ideas for the quickest way to lose weight and to keep it off for good.

The Truth About Cholesterol The truth about cholesterol and coronary disease and the foods that cause inflammation are the real dangers. 

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-Your Stories, Submitted by our Visitors - From "Last picked in gym class", to dealing with a fear of diabetes injections. These are some of the health stories our readers have written and been kind enough to share. 

Calories Burned Chart Submission Page -The place to go to leave your calorie burning tip. (no name or email required)

-Calorie burning tips - Tips and ideas for burning calories left by other visitors to the Calories Burned Chart page, above.

Cooper Test Run - Submission Page -Plan on running the Cooper? 
Share the results of your run here. (no name or email required)

-Cooper Test Run - Results Page - Results of the Cooper Test Run, submitted by our visitors who ran it. 


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