Obesity in Children Can Be Beaten
.... by Taking 3 Little Steps

 Obesity in children can affect one child at a time if little steps are taken correctly. Most kids who are overweight can start a smooth process that can be incorporated into their lives on a daily basis -to lose weight.

 Three little changes can make a world of difference in a person's life 
if these changes are significant and implemented.

  # 1 - Eliminate or Reduce Sugar to Beat Obesity in Children

 Eliminate or reduce sugar from your kid's diet as soon as possible.

Refined sugar is a major contributor to weight gain. Watch foods that come into your home that contain sugar. Read the labels on food packages and refuse any food that has more than 5 grams of sugar.

This is not an easy choice since cereals, pasta, juices and most of the foods kids like contain more than 5 grams of sugar. However there are alternatives that can make meals taste just as good as the sugary foods.

-Try using sugar substitutes such as Splenda as a substitute for the real sugar.

  # 2 - Eliminate Pop and Fruit Juices to Fight  Childhood  Obesity

 A team of nutritionists and medical doctors called "The Society of Obesity" did a 10 year study and found soda beverages are guilty of creating the obesity crisis in children.

These studies confirmed that as soda and pop increased in American consumption, water, milk and other healthy drinks declined in consumption.

The conclusion was that for every year that pop increased -so did obesity.

-The society of obesity found that drinking soda was as bad as tobacco and even wanted soda to come with warning labels like cigarette packages from the attorney general.

  # 3 - Find and Exercise Routine to Fight Childhood Obesity

 You don't have to sign your kids up for a triathlon to eliminate obesity.

All it takes is a brisk walk around the block or a good game of basketball to get their hearts pumping and their glands sweating to begin the weight loss.

-Finding childrens games that are fun and easy can be the trick to making exercise easy. Take them out and play four squares with your kids or find a good hula hoop to shake the fat off their hips and stomachs.

Do you remember a game of hop scotch? It burns calories and gives a great workout, and kids will never know they are exercising.

 Jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular workouts available. Have your kids jump rope while mom and dad swing the rope to an old school rhyme.

-This will create a family workout that can be fun, and good for everyone!

 These three tips are just ways to get your mind started in the right direction. Reducing sugar, eliminating soda and finding an exercise routine have been proven to make a huge impact on your kid's weight and their overall health.

And the great news is that as we fight to beat obesity in children we will also become healthy and less obese ourselves thus making the whole family healthier for years to come.

Terrence Silver a former National Golden Glove boxing champion teaches jumping rope to lose weight for children and youth as well as adults. 

Article Source:  https://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Terrence_Silver


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