Treadmill Running Programs

running on a treadmill, a great place to start running

 Starting treadmill running programs, especially when used as a beginner running program, are really a great way to get  started  in running.

Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or just keep your body in tip-top physical shape.

Running in  any  form certainly helps you reach either of these goals.

-Treadmills are also a very good way to keep your running training schedule going, right through the winter, when the weather outside may not be all that great for running.

 The best treadmills offer a variety of training benefits for the experienced runner and the beginner runner alike.

It's important for you to get the maximum benefit from all your time spent on the treadmill and not having any of it wasted.

To keep potential injuries away and to make it less of a chore, it's a good idea to keep a few of the following running tips in mind:

   Starting a Treadmill Running Program

 If you're a beginner runner, the key to running on a treadmill is to make sure you  start out slowly .

-Walking  for at least  5 minutes  before picking up the pace is highly recommended. (this is really a good idea for  any  runner)

It can be easy at the beginning to over do it and cause an injury.

-Personal trainers as well as doctors recommend  30 minutes  of exercise every day. For a beginner runner, a total run time of 10 minutes a day is a good starting point. Running too much too soon can cause muscle strains and pulls at the start, and discourage new runners.

  Once you've been running for 2 or 3 weeks you can increase your running time to 20 minutes a day, then gradually 30 minutes a day, more if and when you're up to it.

-It doesn't need to be all at once either: 15 minutes twice a day, 20 minutes once and 10 minutes once a day, or even 10 minutes three times a day will do just fine.

You can also use the ever-popular  run-  beginner runner method:  running-walking  for a total of 30 minutes each day. Walking  most of it at the start, and as time passes, increasing the running time until you are  running  the entire 30 minutes.

   Benefits of Treadmill Programs

 The most obvious benefit to  running people is  the fact that you can run  anytime  you want without worrying about wearing any special clothes or driving to the gym. You can keep your regular running training program right on schedule, no matter what the weather.

-Whether it's the snow and freezing temperatures, or the sun and high humidity, often an outside running training program can leave a lot to be desired. Running on a treadmill can solve that problem.

It's always warm and dry inside, and there's always time for a quick run.

  For the beginner runner, treadmill running programs can give you a chance to build up your stamina, so when you finally hit the bricks, the usual start and stop routine of a beginner runner may even be completely unnecessary.

-If you're  running for weight loss , it's important to keep a  regular  running exercise schedule, if you want to see results. Also, in the beginning, plans for running exercise are often too easily shoved to the back burner. (too hot, raining, etc.)

 However, with treadmill running there  are no excuses  - it's always there when you're ready .... for a short stroll or a hike up a mountain.


   Treadmill Running Machines

 Treadmills come with gauges that indicate running speed, distance and time you've run. Some of the best treadmills can even tell you how many calories burned running and even your target heart rate.

-Most gauges are calibrated for the  average  runner, and so the readout for calories burned running may be off by as much as 20% for some runners. Even those who have entered your weight first are not always accurate; there are just too many variables from person to person.

But if you're using a second hand treadmill, it's still very important to make sure these gauges  do work . They may be a little inaccurate, but they really are incredible motivators and a great way to track your progress, and to set goals for yourself.

-When you see the miles add-up and the  calories burned running  increase, it really makes you want to run  even more .

To burn off one pound of fat you'll need to burn 3500 calories, so if you're running to lose weight -you'll need to change your  eating habits  as well for faster and more long-term weight loss.

See our chart for calories burned

 Many treadmills also offer pre-set programs. Treadmill running programs often include weight loss programs as well as hill climbing, endurance and speed programs.

Many machines also offer you the ability to  custom-design  your own programs. This setup is ideal for the novice runner as well as for experienced runners who have been running for ever and are using a treadmill to fill in the gaps in their running training schedule.

-As an example: If you're training to run a race or a marathon and it's been pouring rain all week, you can still get your required miles in on the treadmill.


   Treadmill Running Programs vs. Outside Running

 No doubt about it, treadmill running programs are a  lot  different than running outside. -Many people have a tough time getting on a treadmill after doing their entire running training program  in the great outdoors , but there are many positives in treadmill running programs as well:

-Running on a treadmill is generally  easier and a lot safer  because of the lack of obstacles you need to navigate around and over.
(cars, curbs, animals etc.)

-There's also  no wind resistance .

- Rain and snow  are no longer a problem, and no more ogler for the gals out there.

- No hard pounding  of your body on asphalt to cause shin splints or bad knees.

- Incline  can be set to  simulate  hills and tailor your run to your fitness level.

-Alas, there are  no dogs  chasing you to set the pace, but you can put that on your console if you like. (no droppings to watch-out for either)

-You don't need a  babysitter  to watch the kids; you can keep an eye on them  while you run . (no excuses now)

-Some models even feature  padding , making them easier on the body, especially if you're a little overweight or prone to knee problems.

If you're on a running training schedule for a certain outdoor race or marathon, try to train outside for at least  some  of your training, as close to the  same conditions  as the run will be in, so you'll be prepared for race conditions. (trails, street, hills, etc.)

-Treadmill running, like any form of running can be hard on your joints, so it's really important to wear good runner shoes. The proper running shoes can mean the difference between having a good run and taking time off due to sore feet, blisters or worse.

So if you're looking for a great way to meet your fitness goals and maybe even lose a few pounds along the way, treadmill exercise programs might  just  be the answer you've been looking for.

-Some people have a tough time dealing with the monotony of treadmill running programs, but then again .... when was the last time  you  watched Ellen or the ballgame, or even read a good book while going for a run?

Or, maybe you'd like a bit of scenery while on your run, watch the video below for a very scenic 30 minute run.

For more interesting information on Treadmills, checkout Wikipedia

 Although running on a treadmill is easier on the knees, running after 50 or any form of exercise after 50 is always a great idea!


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