Water down your daily diet!

by Sunny
(Montgomery, AL)

Drinking water, it not only keeps your body functioning well, it also can help you burn calories and lose weight.

Nutritionists recommend drinking 8-10 cups of water every day. Consuming a half-gallon of water daily will boost your metabolism and burn calories.

In addition, when you drink more water, your intake of other high-calorie liquids (energy drinks, sodas, fruit juices, etc.) is less and thus you take in less calories!

Finally, drinking water really helps you to stay full and not eat so much at mealtime. I drink a cup of water before every meal and a cup of water during every meal.

Since I eat 4 meals a day, this equals eight cups of water. I also drink a cup of water when exercising and I keep a bottle handy throughout the day for extra sipping.

Flavored waters, which have no calories, are a great way to spice up your water drinking and make it more interesting, if you're not a water person. So take the plunge and water down your diet- I did and now I'm burning calories and feeling fine! -Sunny

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