Tight as Rock Hard

by Daniel Rojas
(Belle Plaine, MN, USA)

Well, when I am waiting in the line of a bank, or a coffee shop, or store, what I always like to do is to take advantage of this free time that I'm not doing anything.

So instead of just wasting my time standing there waiting, I just tighten and loosen my abs hard the whole time and with my hand I can actually feel my abs getting tighter.

I know if you do this every time you are waiting for something you can get a six pack because the more your muscle are tight the more they show off.

Some other people do it with other muscles, such as the calf muscles, which is less noticeable when you're waiting in line, you can do "tip-toe lifts".

You can also do deep-knee bends, if you don't mind a few looks from people. It's actually a pretty good way to get to talking with people, I've actually met a quite a few babes in this way.

But mostly I just like to do it with my abs because I've always wanted to have six pack abs, and if you wait in as many lines as I do, it can make a big difference in the calorie burn and ab toning.


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