Healthy Attitude Ezine | Issue #010 | Lifestyle Changes

Simple Lifestyle Changes to Boost
Weight Loss

 You might be surprised to know that there are 3 simple lifestyle changes you can make to help you lose weight, regardless of your current plan.

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 Did you know that people who regularly get a good night's sleep (we're talking about 7-9 uninterrupted hours each night) weigh less than those who don't get good sleep? It's true, and it's a good reason for this lifestyle change, if weight loss is in your future plans.

Scientists are studying the connection between sleep and weight loss. The theory is that the hormones that regulate your metabolism are affected by sleep. When you don't get enough sleep your metabolism slows down and you may even feel hungrier. (see  sleep benefits )

  -Eat More Often!

You're kidding, right? Many people find great success losing weight if they modify their eating habits by eating five to six smaller meals a day instead of the traditional three square meals a day ...Why?

Because eating more frequently helps keep your blood sugar levels even. It balances your energy. You won’t feel that incredible hunger or struggle with cravings if your body has a consistent supply of nutrition and energy.

Now it is important to make sure your 5-6 smaller meals are healthy meals. That means fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and fiber – not snack cakes or potato chips!

  -Drink More Water!

 How much water do you drink? I tracked my water intake for a week and was shocked. Some days I didn’t drink ANY water! Sure, I drank milk, juice, and coffee – lots and lots of coffee. But I didn’t drink water very often.

Big mistake! Water is essential for flushing toxins from your body. These toxins often have a direct effect on metabolism, energy and even health and vitality. And water fills you up too!

When you drink a glass of water before and during each meal you won’t eat as much. You won’t want to. Try tracking your water intake for a week. How much are you really drinking? If it's not enough, it’s a simple fix.

-Just drink a glass with each meal and snack.

-For more info, check our page on the benefits of drinking water.

Make these three simple lifestyle changes  habits  in your life, and you'll have greater and easier success losing weight and staying healthier.

-To Your Great Health! And keep that Healthy Attitude!

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