How did I fight against my obesity – Breathing Yoga!

by Bhawna Rohilla
(Rochester, NY, US)

I am a 29 yrs old woman who is having two kids. Everything was going all right in my life with my two kids, one baby boy and one girl except the extra weight that I had gained after giving them birth.

You know sometimes I felt ashamed of myself when I stand in front of the mirror, a large tummy that is protruding outside gave me a look of pregnant women even after the delivery. I was just wanting to get rid of this obese look and figure. I was 140 pounds before pregnancy and now I am 174.

I decided to do prayanam yoga for dealing with this obesity. Swami Ramdev has inspired me for doing prayanam that includes kapalbhati, which is the main weapon to fight against obesity followed by agnisaar, anulom –vilom, and udgeeth prayanam and others.

I usually do these prayanam daily with empty stomach in the early morning, as it is too difficult to get time with kids. Side by side, I usually have hot water in the morning with one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice in it. These home remedies are helpful in reducing weight.

…and you know what?

I am getting better result!!!!

:) so far I have reduced 8 pounds within a month.

I am looking and feeling MUCH BETTER!!!!

Thank you, hope it helps you - Bhawna

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