Healthy Attitude Ezine | Issue #012 | Combat Cravings

3 Simple Tips to Combat Cravings

 Those Darn Cravings! We all have to deal with them from time to time.

When do  you  struggle the most?

For me, the cravings always seem to hit anytime after the evening meal. Usually, I'm watching television and suddenly something salty, or sweet, maybe ice cream, seems like a real good idea even though I'm not the least bit hungry - after all, I just ate!

-Maybe yours hit earlier in the day, or maybe they’re not predictable at all. What do you do to combat the cravings when they attack?

Do you give in? Do you hit the vending machine, the drive through or your secret snack stash and feed that craving?

  Or perhaps you're strong enough to ignore them?

-I'd poke around the fridge or cabinet looking for something good. Sometimes I even got in the car and drove to the grocery store or yikes, even the local fast food joint, to feed my cravings.

More often than not though, I hate to admit, I'd plan ahead and buy some good junk food ahead of time so I'd have it at the ready.

-It took me a little time, but I eventually learned a few simple ideas to combat these cravings. In fact, learning these 3 simple tips helped me lose weight much more quickly and I just felt better overall.

I sleep better and feel and look much healthier as well – junk food isn’t so great for the complexion or the waistline.

-So what are these simple tips?

  #1. -Avoid Temptation – It may sound over-simplistic, but barring a desperation trip to the grocery store you can avoid temptation.

Don’t buy ANY junk food or food you know is going to tempt you. 

Eat before you go food shopping, it will help keep you from buying your favorite junk foods. Don’t walk past that vending machine that calls your name, and don’t drive past your favorite fast food restaurant.

#2. -Create Substitutions – Pay attention to what you crave most and when you crave it. Once you know your weaknesses you can divert them with substitutions. For example, I love something cold (especially in summer) for a snack while watching the boob tube, usually ice cream.

 Rather than deny myself entirely, I 'll substitute some nice cold watermelon, or some yogurt with blueberries or maybe apple slices sprinkled with a little cinnamon (yum, it’s really good.)

If I craved salt, I’d have a few rice crackers and cheese or some edamame. There's really a lot of healthy alternatives to combat cravings if you give it a little thought and prepare for them. Write them down on your shopping list –instead of the junk foods.

#3. -Distract Yourself – Most cravings are based in habit and emotional needs. For example, if you always have a candy bar after dinner you’re going to crave it, every day –after dinner.

 If you feel you must have one every once in a while, fine but change up the time. Don't reinforce the bad habit! (eventually you may even forget!)

-Distract yourself to combat the craving -by doing something positive. Call a friend, work on a hobby you enjoy or try going for a walk instead. (double benefit with the exercise)

 Cravings are gonna happen. Low blood sugar; bad habits and emotional eating can often lead to them. Spend some time thinking about why and when you have your cravings, and use these simple tips to help combat them.

You might just surprise yourself!

-To Your Best Health Ever! And keep that Healthy Attitude!

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