Broken Arm

by Violet

-When I was 7 years old my mom and I went to the park so she could meet up with her new boyfriend. I always thought the park was fun so I had no issue with it.

I brought my bike with me and I rode all around the park on my purple contraption. I tried to impress the adults with my fast pedaling and quick turning.

My mom and her boyfriend had been standing on a little bridge together talking. They seemed really into each other especially when I fell off my bike onto the ground. I kept yelling "Mommy!!" But she didn't even hear me.

So, as I was lying there on the ground crying, and this little Mexican lady with a stroller comes by and tells me, with a smile, to stand up and that I'm okay. I was still crying because my arm hurt so much so the lady didn't really know what to do. She picked up my bike and put the kick stand up on it and walked away.

Finally, after a few minutes, my mom notices I'm on the ground and we get home so my grandpa could look at my arm. He moved it and I yelped in pain so they figured it was broken.

For the next few months I got to walk around my school with a bright pink cast on my right arm, it was pretty cool!

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