Healthy Attitude Ezine | Issue #004 | Workout Needed

How Often Do You Need To Workout
To Lose Weight?

 The answer to that question is really pretty simple. However, before you can answer this question, you actually need to know the answer to three other simple but very important questions first.

  # 1 How Many Calories Do You Eat Each Day?

 This is important information. In order to lose weight your body must burn more calories than you eat. Track how many calories you eat each day. Use the fitness journal you received with this newsletter, or even an online tracking application or website, it's easier and fun!

  # 2 How Much Weight Do You Want to Lose?

 And how quickly do you want to lose it? A pound is 3500 calories therefore, if you want to lose a pound a week; you’d have to cut back your daily intake by 500 calories. (500 calories multiplied by 7 days is 3500 calories.) If you wanted to lose 2 pounds a week then you’d need to burn 1000 more calories than you have eaten.

Although many people hate counting calories, it can be helpful at the start of any weight loss program. Once you get used to making the right food choices and controlling portion sizes, you may be able forego it.

But it's really a good idea to count calories for a time, even if you've never done so before and don't plan on keeping it up, because it makes you aware of just how high in calories some of the different types and variations of foods you may be eating can be.

This alone can be a big help in making better eating choices if you should decide calorie counting is not for you. (At least for portion size)

  #3 Eat Less …or Exercise More?

 Because it’s a simple calories in calories out equation, you do have choices. You can eat fewer calories each day, or you can continue to eat the same amount but exercise more each day.

Depending on exactly how much you want to lose, the amount of exercise needed might be difficult if you want to lose it in a short period of time.

A better approach would be a combination of the two – eat less and workout more, definitely the best option for most of us. Exercise is always beneficial and is necessary for good health, but for faster weight loss, good eating habits will get you there in a lot less time.

So to answer that question about how much you really need to workout to lose weight? Sorry, but the answer is entirely up to you, and of course it's different for every single one of us.

Now, while ultimately you don’t need to workout at all to lose weight, (if we all maintain healthy eating habits), we do know the exercise benefits to our overall health, mind and body. (No matter what your size is)

-Know the data. Choose your goal. Then decide the best approach for you. 

 Next Issue:
 -3 Things To Consider Before You Diet

     Here's To Your Health! And keep a Healthy Attitude!

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