Healthy Attitude Ezine | Issue #007 | Track Your Diet?

To Track or Not to Track Your Diet?

 That is the question ...okay, so you think you should track your diet, and counting calories may be a smart way to make sure you’re on track to achieve your weight loss goals. Track it, because not keeping track is like heading out on a road trip to your dream destination without a map.

However, tracking calories can be tedious and confusing. Never fear! These simple secrets can help you track your calories accurately.

  #1 Understanding  Portion Size.

 Know what four ounces of meat looks like. Be able to accurately estimate ounces, cups and other food measurements. For example, a cup of salad is about the size of your closed fist. An ounce of potato chips fit into two hands. And an ounce of nuts fits into one hand.

  Measure it once to be sure for your size, for future reference.                     (and so you won't accidentally over-estimate the amount)

  #2 Find an Easy to Use Tool.

 Technology has come a long way we all know that. Did you know there are free websites and mobile device applications that make it easy to track your calories and weight loss goals?

Many people prefer the mobile device apps because their cell phone is always with them, and they never miss entering a snack or a meal. is a great free online tool that you can use in conjunction with any diet or fitness plan you may already be using, to keep track of calories etc. (others in your free tracker demo pack)

  #3 Make Regular Adjustments.

 Adjust your calorie intake for your new reduced weight. Be careful, as you lose weight, you’ll actually burn fewer calories.

For example a 150-pound person burns more resting than a 120-pound person. Make sure you update your data and your calorie estimates as you lose weight. (and be happy and confident that you are losing weight!)

-To keep track of your diet doesn’t have to be tedious. It’s simply a habit.

Know what you eat. Know how much and find a simple and easy tool to estimate and track it. It doesn't matter the diet or healthy eating plan you're using, if you track it you can help yourself to success! 

  To Your Great Health, and keep that Healthy Attitude!

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