Running Against Depression

  We all know that  any  aerobic exercise, and especially running, is great for your cardiovascular endurance and for your overall good health,
... but  running  against depression?

-Not too many people are fully aware of just how strong the link between exercise and an improved mood can truly be.

Keeping yourself in good shape and engaging in regular physical activity can be  extremely  beneficial.

It can help those suffering from depression, to stay on an even keel.

-Running and depression are closely linked; Taking up jogging or running exercise could actually help you reduce your medical intake.

  It could even possibly eliminate the need for altogether.

-While running against depression may not cure a chemical imbalance, it can certainly help in reducing the severity, as well as the frequency of any future occurrences.


  How Running Exercise Helps Depression

 Exercise helps boost the levels of mood-enhancing chemicals in the body,and helps release adrenaline, not to mention all the stress and tension built up in the body.

 This means less anxiety and feeling better over-all.


 -However, you can't just take up an exercise program at random and get all the benefits. For example, exercising for 4 hours a day for a week will probably make you feel great ...for a few days.


 For long-term running health benefits; running to fight depression needs to be on a regular schedule; it really needs to be done every day, or at least every other day. Once the exercise level drops, so does your mood.

Think of it this way; think of the endorphins released during running exercise in the same way that you'd think of medications for depression
- you have to take them regularly for them to really work.


  Running against Depression - Simple, Right?

 Of course, simply telling someone who's been suffering with depression that if they were to start running all their problems would magically disappear, is an overly simplistic approach.

Many depressed people have trouble getting out of bed each day, much less the ambition to start a running program.


 -Running exercise remains a better solution for people with a mild or dysthymic depression, or for depression sufferers who are in one of their better periods, although obviously it is beneficial for everyone.


 Incorporating a running routine into their daily life now, may just help them to ward off future bouts with depression. Although for the severely depressed, conventional treatment methods will generally still be necessary, they will be much relieved.


  Ready To Start Running Against Depression?

 If you suffer from depression, and are ready to start running against it, you need to start the correct way.

Take the time to think about your schedule, your current fitness level, and the available places for running in your area.

If you live in a highly populated area with a lot of traffic, you may need to travel in order to run, or you might want to consider a treadmill or gym for your exercise sessions.


 -Start small, but do start - 5 or 10 minutes at first then build your way up to longer runs. After all, it's not the intensity of the exercise that counts - it's just the doing it in the first place!


 While running against depression isn't a universal solution or a cure-all for depression, it is really remarkable just how often it works! It can also be an excellent stress management tool for long time sufferers.

 If you have mild symptoms of depression, it will definitely boost your state of mind by taking up daily running exercise.

-It has a multitude of physical, and mental health benefits.

 So, do yourself a huge favor, take some time and look for room in your schedule to include a daily run.'ll be truly amazed at your new outlook on life! 

 -Check out this article on exercise and depression from Harvard Medical School,  and this real life story submitted by one of our readers.


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