PMS, Is it really like this for everyone?

by tallen1158
(providence, ri USA)

-When someone hears you have PMS, they think it’s really funny, a big joke. Jokes are made about it; its acronym is in songs. However, there is nothing funny about PMS, and those of us who are sufferers know this.

Each and every month, some are worse than others, I lose nearly two weeks of my life. I cannot talk straight, I feel like crying, always hungering for carbs, and chocolate and salt.

Finally, what’s worse is, I lose all desire to live. I just want to close out the world, yet I get up to do only what I absolutely have to do, and nothing more. I don’t change the curtains at the windows, I don’t make that beautiful, long skirt I have in my mind’s eye, and I don't send greeting cards to people I care about.

I don’t want to move from the couch. I begin to hate myself because I am so useless and without purpose, while all around me the world continues, oblivious to my ordeal.

I look back at the demarcation and prepare. I make sure any reading that I will need to do during that time frame is prepared on cds that I may listen to, I wear clothes I can put on without looking wrinkled, have them prepared ahead. I obtain food that I can micro or eat raw, and I cut my hair short.

What I am saying to those of us who are sufferers of this nightmare moment, is to prepare ahead of time. It comes quite regularly around the same time each month, so get ready for it by setting any appointments you have to keep before that time.

Prepare to make life easier for your self to deal with, and most importantly try being your own best friend. Don’t beat yourself up psychologically. It is what it is and you just want to get thru the storm and come out the other side.

Finally the clouds of my despair will dissipate, and the sun of life once again shines upon me. Thank God!

I get up, wash, change my clothes, begin to communicate with the world again and commence planning for the next month.

Maybe next month will be easier, here's to hoping.

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