Inspiration to exercise

by Daniel Rojas
(Belle Plaine, MN, USA)

Something that has helped me a great deal with my health and body -is Having an inspiration!

In my case I have two inspirations that make it important for me to work out.

The first one is the movies. When I watch a movie and there are scenes where there are guys with perfect and muscular bodies, I am like damn, if they can have an awesome body like that, I can too!

So when the movie is over, I start doing my workout.

The Second inspiration is my sweetheart, she likes nice bodies and tight abs, so that`s my biggest reason to workout and exercise.

I don`t know if you agree with me or not, but the hardest part of working out for me is the start.

Because sometimes I am lazy or I just can't find the time, so what I always do is talk to my sweetheart, and that makes me want to have a nice body for her.

So these are my inspirations. They add a lot of energy that help me to get motivated with my workouts, I get more focused on it and I get better results.

Give it a try, find your inspiration!


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