I'll always get the flu vaccine!

by Rena
(Buffalo, New York)

-I've watched your video, as well as read other info, both pro and con about whether or not to get the flu vaccine.

Here's my 2 cents.

When I was growing up, my older sister told me she got the flu from getting the vaccine, and she swore she would never get the the vaccine again.

Being the younger, dumber sister, I thought I should listen to my older and smarter sibling, and so I never got it either.

As the years went by, I got the flu a few times and it never lasted more than a week - no big deal. Then, when I was about 25 I got the flu, starting with a terrible sore throat -that lasted for a full week!

I couldn't eat any solid food at all for most of that week and lost 13 pounds. The sore throat went away and I got the worst fever, nausea and headache I have ever had in my life for another whole week after that.

It felt like I had malaria or some disease, 1 minute I would be laying down with a severe headache, it would go away leaving me so nauseous I dared not rise, only to come right back even worse. It would switch back and forth in seconds, really bizarre.

At one point, as I rested in bed I was convinced I had come up with some major mathematical breakthrough, my delirium was so crazy.

I lost a week from work, and a week of my vacation, and ever since losing those 2 weeks, and over 20 pounds total, believe me I get the yearly vaccine religiously and have not had the flu since.

Thank God I was healthy when I got it or I may not be here now. And it wasn't even Swine flu.

Older now but wiser,

Little sister Rena

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