How I reduced my weight

by Sujit Nair
(Malvern, PA, US)

The last few weeks I get up, and I’m just pissed off to see my obese reflection in the mirror. I just feel like dying. I do know how it feels to take this bulky body out it public and get comments and remarks about it. I am depressed and frustrated about it too.

But then, one fine day I woke up and thought about it, I decided to make an end to this miserly condition myself. I searched the internet for the food habits and other living habits contributing to obesity and the ways to reduce the fats in the body.

I definitely didn't want to go for surgical procedures like liposuction, etc., but instead preferred natural means. That meant first bringing discipline into my life, especially mending my living and eating habits.

I would outline whatever I have been doing. I eat only 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing in between. Only a cup of tea or coffee, that's it. I prefer to eat fruits raw rather than in juice or any other form, since it takes away the fiber content.

Exercise for 1 hour in morning and evening, working out on treadmill, cycle and some basic weights. I have tremendously reduced the junk food, like burgers, hot-dogs, pastries, chips, etc. Said no to rice, potatoes and other foods that contribute to the carbs.

I have followed this routine for more than 3 months now, and its no wonder I have lost 10 kg (over 20 pounds) so far. It’s much better now, and the reduction in weight has contributed to uplifting my confidence level to carry off myself in public. I feel less shameful now.

I will continue to stick with this routine of mine until I bring my body to perfect shape. Remember, once you make up your mind, you can definitely do it.

All the best to you, Sujit

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