'How i dealt with acidity problem'

by varinder

-My name is Varinder singh, and I am from India and I was suffering from acute acidity since the past two years.

I consulted a doctor and he told me that the main cause of this acidity was "JUNK FOOD" I eat too much of. He gave me some medicines which healed my acidity for some time, but it started again after a few days.

Then I decided that I will not go to a doctor instead take up some home remedies, and will improve my life style to reduce the acid level.

I started with cutting down the "JUNK FOOD" and by going to morning walks while eating 5-6 smaller lighter meals in a day.
For keeping my stomach cool I used to drink "LASSI" refreshing drink made out of curd, this helped me to a great extent in reducing the acid level.

After a few days I found that the acid level has been restored to normal and i don't suffer any pain in the wind pipe.

There after i continued my routine of healthy living and came to the conclusion:

It is not always the doctor who can cure us, but if we take up some steps and improve our lifestyle, it can do wonder to our body.

Hope you liked the way of expressing my feelings.

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