Healthy Attitude Ezine | Issue #006 | Count Calories?

Do You Need to Count Calories
-To Lose Weight?

 There are many ideas about losing weight. One of the most common is the fact that you do not have to count calories to lose weight. And while we believe this to be true, there can be times when it may be helpful.

-The truth is losing weight does come down to basic math. In fact, a nutrition professor recently decided to go on a "Twinkie" diet.

  He literally eats junk food for every meal.

-However, he also counted his calories - why did he do this?

 Because he wanted to prove that, regardless of what he ate, he could still lose weight as long as he consumed fewer calories than the amount of calories burned each day.

-It's a basic calories in, calories out equation.

  Guess what?

 The nutrition professor lost 27 pounds eating Twinkies, snack cakes and other sugary treats. However, here's where the experiment gets really weird. You'd expect that this professor would also suffer from some other side effects, right? His cholesterol and his Triglycerides would increase. They didn't. They actually decreased.

  The Conclusion?

 Certainly, we're not suggesting that you should consume sugary snacks for meals to lose weight. (I wish) Your health would eventually decline because you're simply not getting the nutrition your body needs.

-However it can be helpful, at least when starting any new diet or eating plans, to know how many calories you burn each day and how many you eat. If you want to lose two pounds a week then you'll need to make sure you burn 1000 calories more than you eat each day.

 Keeping track using a written journal or notebook can help at the start, because for some people it keeps you aware of your intake, and you can adjust how much you eat accordingly, until you're used to portion sizes.

-Using the journal or fitness tracker demo packs you received when signing up for this newsletter at the beginning of any program, might just help get you off to the start you need to achieve the most success.

 (for your free copy, just contact us and we'll get it to you straight away)

 To Your Great Health, and keep that Healthy Attitude!

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