Healthy Attitude Ezine | Issue #005 | 3 Things Before You Diet

3 Things To Consider Before You Diet

 Are you thinking about going on a diet? Good for you! Achieving a healthy weight will help you live a longer, happier and healthier life as well.

-Before you diet or start any weight loss plan consider:

  # 1. Your Weight Loss Goals

 Why do you want to lose weight and how much? Goals may range from losing a few pounds quickly so you look great for an event to lose several pounds so you are healthier and can avoid disease and illness.

Spend some time assessing your weight loss goals and the reasons behind them. They will help you find the right diet and weight loss plan for you.

  # 2. Your Current Health

 It’s important to be honest here. Are you healthy enough to diet or to diet the way you want or need to? Some diet programs can be quite restrictive. Others can worsen an already existing health condition.

-Is exercise really safe for you?

 Before you diet, speak to your doctor and make sure your diet and weight loss plan is really a good idea in your current health. Make sure that if you’re taking any weight loss supplements that they don’t interfere with existing medications you’re taking. It can be very dangerous.

Your health is perhaps the single most important thing you possess. Take good care of it. Always approach weight loss wisely and with great care and consideration.

  #3. Your Current Lifestyle and Habits

 What type of diet plan does your lifestyle support? If you're only looking to drop a few pounds, there are many diet programs out there that can help you do that. -The Cleveland clinic diet works for many people for quick, albeit short-term weight loss, it's also known as the Hot dog or Tuna diet. (download a free copy here, right click-save link as…)

-Can you fit exercise into your daily routine and if so, how and what type of exercise? A combination of exercise and diet is always a good idea.

 If you’re really busy and rarely cook at home a weight loss plan with prepackaged food choices or meal bars seem to be popular for some.

-But again, if life-long weight loss is what you're really looking for, and who isn't, a combination of calorie burning exercise and a low-fat and healthy diet will do the most for you in the long run.

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  -Here's looking at you, and  always keep that Healthy Attitude!

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