20 pounds from my thyroid?

by Erin

-After I started my first real job, I gained about 20 pounds. I figured it was just the fact that I was sitting at a desk all day and resolved to get more exercise. Then I noticed the lump that had mysteriously formed on my throat. After doing a little research, I thought it might be my thyroid.

My doctor agreed and referred me to an endocrinologist. It turned out I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and my thyroid levels were really low.

It was amazing; once I was on medication, I immediately noticed a positive change in my energy levels and my ability to concentrate. The condition had come on so gradually that I hadn’t even noticed how lethargic I was becoming.

After my diagnosis, I talked to my mom and learned that my grandmother and uncle both had thyroid problems. Who knew? I told my sister to get herself checked out, just in case. Now we're both taking daily thyroid medication--and feel 100% better.

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