14 Low fat diet ideas

 -One of the best ways to manage your weight and even lose weight is to incorporate low fat diet ideas into your daily plans for healthy eating.

Low fat diet plans can go a long way in reducing your total caloric intake regardless of your current diet regimen.

Not surprisingly, the types of food associated with the most calories are most often foods that are also the highest in total fat grams.

-Before we proceed to the ideas, here's some food for thought:

Your body does need a certain amount of fat each day to function properly.

-Fats are very important for the production of a whole host of enzymes, chemicals and cellular needs.

-The problem is this:

We often eat the wrong types of fats and far too much of them, and because of this we put on the weight.

   14 Simple Low Fat Diet Ideas

 They can really help and are very easy to implement.

 #1. Start with dairy. Milk, butter and cheeses, and especially ice cream in the summer. There's a lot of fat in whole milk and dairy products.

If you drink whole milk, slowly reduce the fat content until you can drink skim milk, or at least 1% milk. Start with 2% for a week or two, cut down to 1% for a while, and then go for the gold!

 -Skim milk tastes great, the real trick is getting used to it, just give it a week or two -your waistline will thank you.

  The numbers truly tell the story:

 -In one 8 oz. glass:

  • Whole milk - 146 calories, 8 fat grams
  • 2% milk - 122 calories, 5 fat grams
  • 1% milk - 110 calories, 2 1/2 grams fat
  • Skim milk - 90 calories, and less than 1/2 gram of fat!

-The same thing applies to coffee creamer:

Half and half can add 20 calories, but more importantly, nearly 2 grams of fat per tablespoon, and this is for only 1 tbsp!

    -How many tablespoons do you add to your coffee?

Measure it for yourself just once, you'll be amazed to see you may add as many as 3 to a single cup. This translates to: 3 x 1.8 = 5.4 grams of fat/cup. If you drink 4 -5 cups/day, that's 27 grams of fat - just in your coffee alone!
You can see why this is one of the better low fat diet ideas.

  -While skim milk does little to lighten coffee, you can use 1% milk, it will lighten coffee and adds only about 7 calories and negligible fat grams per tablespoon. (1/2 oz.)

 #2. Skip the fried foods. Frying any kind of meat, poultry or fish is going to add fat grams from whatever oil or butter you fry it in. So whether you're eating at home or dining out, have it steamed, baked or broiled.

 For example: 5 oz. of batter-fried chicken breast contains about 375 calories and 19 grams of fat. That same 5 oz. chicken breast contains 230 calories and 5 grams of fat when oven roasted.

 A better alternative would be baking, stewing or using a crock-pot.           -And when the weather's warm, grilling is one of the greatest low fat diet ideas ever! (It's a nice treat in the winter too!)

 #3. Remove the skin. Of all the low fat diet ideas, this is one of the most valuable. You can further reduce the fat grams and calories in poultry by removing the skin before you eat it. (Or before you cook)


1 - 3 oz. chicken breast with skin, contains between 145 - 210 calories (Depending on style) and 8 grams of fat. (50% of calories from fat)

1 -3 oz. chicken breast without skin, contains between 88 - 125 calories (Depending on style) with 1 gram of fat (10% calories from fat)

-You can see how this low fat idea can make a huge difference, and you're actually eating the same amount. (more if you like with the calories saved!)

-And if you're anything like me you really need to remove the skin from the chicken first. I know that once I cook it I cannot resist eating it, but I don't miss it at all - as long as I remove it prior to cooking.

 #4. Eat lean cuts of meat. -A lean eye roast can actually have 40% less calories and fat than fried chicken. Try to purchase meat with the fat already cut off. (Some grocery stores will remove it if you ask)

-Even just cooking it with the fat will add calories and fat to the meal.

 If you can, remove all the fat from around red meat and pork before eating, removing it before cooking is even better - no extra fat will be cooked into the meat. (leave a little for flavor if you must)

 #5. Trade in those sauces and creams for healthy low-fat broths.
You eat broth in your soup. Use it as a base for marinating and cooking other foods. Instead of using plain water or creamy fattening sauces, use chicken broth or onion soup to cook rice and noodles.

 This will add flavor and eliminate the need to add butter or margarine.

*For more healthy low fat diet ideas keep an eye on the balance diet chart, it can certainly help with any low-fat diet plans.

 #6. Try vinegar and oil on your salad tonight. Creamy salad dressings add a ton of fat. All the calories and fat you just saved by eating a salad are lost with high calorie, high fat dressings. Just check out the label!

Use flavored vinegars and vegetable or olive oil to top your salad. Lemon is a surprisingly tasty substitute (and no fat) dressing as well. If it suits the taste buds it can be added to your low fat diet food ideas.

 If you must use bottled dressings, use sparingly and use a low fat version, or add some water or lemon to your favorite brand. Ken's lite Italian is a personal favorite, with 50 calories and 5 grams of fat/serving. (2 tbsp)

*As opposed to most Italian dressings that have nearly double that, and I actually like the lite version a lot better! (More spices and vinegar)


 #7. Eat frozen dinners. Prepared diet meals should be a part of any serious weight loss system. Seriously, this is one of the easiest low fat diet ideas there is ...and they’re delicious!

-Try this 2 or 3 times a week. By simply adding vegetables or a tossed salad, some whole grain bread or fruit to any of several diet entrees, you can make a very healthy and tasty meal that's low in fat and calories.

Healthy choice, Lean cuisine, Smart ones, Kashi and others, when supplemented with the extras above: all come in under 500 calories and 11 - 15 grams of fat and are tasty and satisfying. (Cons. reports 2/2010)

 One of my favorites is the Healthy Choice "Beef Tips Portobello" with wheat bread and a side salad, and no leftovers to finish off.

 #8. Steam your vegetables. Sautéing or stir-frying requires that you add oil to your pan. Steaming seals in the flavor and the nutrition as well without all the fat from the oil.

    Just use a special steamer or a saucepan will do the job.

 #9. Eat more fiber. Eat half the amount of meat and double up on the vegetables, whole grains and fruits. You can still have a very satisfying meal, depriving yourself of nothing but the excess fat.

Try mixing in wheat germ and/or Brewers yeast to meat loaves, casseroles and other dishes, for added fiber and nutrition. 
(see #11+12 healthiest foods )

 By eating more high fiber foods, you stay full longer and won't feel as hungry later, and it's great for the digestion as well.

 #10. Count Fat Grams. By reducing your fat intake you automatically reduce calories and cholesterol and increase your fiber intake.

 Rather than watching just the calories going in, track the fat grams.

 #11. Read the labels. Another one of the simple but effective low fat diet ideas, it can be a chore at the start, but by making a habit of checking fat content in the foods you eat, you'll be surprised at how much fat you can save, without sacrificing anything but a little time.

 Always be sure to check the serving size very closely. You may think you're doing great, with few calories and fat grams, only to realize that you just ate 3 servings!  (more on labels and calorie content)

 #12. Eat at home. With the busy life we all lead today it's easier to have meals out, but low fat meals are not so easy to find when dining out.

-Some restaurants are picking up on this, but it will take some time.

 By eating at home more often, not only are you more able to stick to your low fat diet plans, you're much more likely to eat prepared diet meals, and to control your portion size as well.

 #13. Satisfy sweet cravings with a piece of fresh fruit. Instead of ice cream, cake and cookies that are chock full of calories and high in fat.

 Regular ice cream is loaded with calories from fat. Fruit has a natural sweetness, fewer calories, and is high in fiber.

 Try frozen fruit cocktail or peaches for a summer treat, but if you must have ice cream, try fat-free frozen yogurt or sherbet instead.

  -And the last of our low fat diet ideas:

 #14. Flavor your foods with seasonings. Instead of butter, oils and fat, try using different seasonings, lemon and vinegar.


-See, I told you it would be easy!

These low fat diet ideas would be a great idea for all of us to use, whether you're looking for weight loss solutions, or you just want to maintain your good health and stay trim, they will help if you use them.

Start with a couple from the list, and slowly add in more until you use them all. Add in a few of your own low fat diet ideas as well.

"I'm not overweight. I'm just nine inches too short." ~Shelley Winters

-Reducing fat doesn't mean you'll lose taste ...just gain a trimmer tummy!


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