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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Consider the many health benefits of drinking water: a simple, inexpensive and effective way to lose weight, improve your overall health, and to help prevent symptoms of dehydration.

Continue reading "Health Benefits of Drinking Water"

14 Low fat diet ideas

Incorporate these 14 low fat diet ideas into any weight loss system and you’ll find healthy eating plans aren't so hard after all. Prepared diet meals, high fiber foods, and lean cuts of meat are just

Continue reading "14 Low fat diet ideas"

Caloric Content Of Foods

Using the calorie calculator as a fat loss guide, you'll find the caloric content, fats and sodium in foods and the amount of food fiber. Making a list of the best foods can help keep you healthy.

Continue reading "Caloric Content Of Foods"

Cooper Test Run

The Cooper Test Table evaluates your fitness level after the 12 minute Cooper Test Run. Cardiovascular endurance is the most important component of physical fitness, how's yours?

Continue reading "Cooper Test Run"

The Dangers of Obesity

The other kids laughed, and called him -All Beef Frankie, but the Dangers of Obesity were all too real for Frank and children like him. As parents, we need to cure overeating before it gets started.

Continue reading "The Dangers of Obesity"

Anorexia Nervosa Symptoms

She was beautiful, striking really, but anorexia nervosa symptoms? Many of the physical effects and symptoms of anorexia are caused by malnutrition from self-starvation.

Continue reading "Anorexia Nervosa Symptoms"

Alzheimers Diagnosis

If you or a loved one is concerned about getting an Alzheimers diagnosis, it’s important for your doctor to rule everything else out. Alzheimers research continues, progress is being made every day...

Continue reading "Alzheimers Diagnosis"

The 7 Stages of Alzheimers

In facing the 7 stages of Alzheimers and coping with the dementia signs, recognizing the symptoms of caregiver stress is often overlooked. It’s one of the biggest problems in dealing with Alzheimers.

Continue reading "The 7 Stages of Alzheimers "

Dealing with Alzheimers, and a Few Caregiver Tips

When dealing with Alzheimers there are some simple things that we did that made the stages of alzheimers just a little easier for mom, and for all of us as well.

Continue reading "Dealing with Alzheimers, and a Few Caregiver Tips"

The Warning Signs of Alzheimers

Alzheimer Memoria Demencias, that's what we called it so she wouldn't know. The Warning Signs of Alzheimers were there in mom, but how could we notice her dementia signs and memory loss when our own

Continue reading "The Warning Signs of Alzheimers "

Diagnosing Parkinsons and The Stages of Parkinsons

In Diagnosing Parkinsons, the most common presentation is a Tremor Symptom occurring on one side. While symptoms of Parkinsons can vary from person to person…

Continue reading "Diagnosing Parkinsons and The Stages of Parkinsons"

Bulimia Signs

Bulimia signs or more accurately bulimia nervosa signs, are quite similar to anorexia symptoms, although there are many differences between bulimia and anorexia. Treatment for bulimia that has seen…

Continue reading "Bulimia Signs"

Running to Lose Weight

If you’re planning to start running to lose weight, with the exception of stair climbing, running may be the quickest way to lose weight, and the running health benefits aren't bad either.

Continue reading "Running to Lose Weight"

Barefoot Running - Is it For You?

Running Barefoot? Zola Budd made barefoot running famous by breaking the women's 5000-meter world record in 1984 ...running barefoot. A few of the pros and cons.

Continue reading "Barefoot Running - Is it For You?"

The Importance of Physical Fitness Plans

What kind of physical fitness plan did our family have? None, until we got the bad news that woke us up and turned our lives around. That's when we realized the true importance of physical fitness.

Continue reading "The Importance of Physical Fitness Plans"

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